A Rockin Roadhouse Band

~~"Vicious" Vic Vermiglio - (Guitar) Born and raised on the mean streets of 1980's Detroit (or the middle class suburbs), VVV fought and clawed his way through his formative years eventually winding up in the School of Hard Knocks (Wayne State University) when he somberly studied music with laser like focus (for one semester) until his skills were honed and sharpened to a razor sharp edge (he knew E, A & B). It didn't take long until he outgrew the confines of the Midwest and headed out west with his band Electric Koolaid to the musical Mecca of Southern California where's he's pretty sure he did lots of great and creative things (he can't remember anything from those years). Then one morning he woke up, it was 1998 and he was in Charlotte, NC playing the blues, most notably with a band by the name of Willie's Heatstroke that eventually acquired quite a following (some sweaty fat guy and girl that smelled like chowder) WH eventually ran their course and VVV wandered around aimlessly for a few years until the Shuggie Brothers pulled up along side him in an unmarked black van and offered him some candy......(In actuality he just showed up at the Shuggie Shack one Sunday afternoon, we fed him and he stayed).

~~ Gary "Shuggie Brown" Northrup - (Guitar & Vocals) While Gary may not be the most talented member...he is the best looking member of the band...(somebody has to do it)..... Gary started playing guitar by ear at an early age. Heavily influenced by blues, funk, classic and southern rock he moved to Atlanta, joined "Blackjack" and played all the nightclubs on the South East circuit during the late 70's & early 80's as well as opening for several major acts. Gary then founded the band "Roughcut".  The band played all the nightclubs, at festivals and corporate gigs in the Atlanta area. After moving to the heavily rockin blues based city of Houston in 2005 Gary started a successful Texas Blues based band called "The Phat Fleas".  After leaving Houston and settling in Charlotte in 2008, Gary started "Shuggie Brown". After a couple iterations, the right players are in place which leads to this possibly being the best Rockin Blues Based Roadhouse Style band in North Carolina. "Shuggie Brown" brings a phat funky juicy atmosphere to their songs not heard anywhere in the surrounding area.

~~Todd "Terrific" Dillman – (Drums) One of Charlotte's premier drummers...(when it's not raining and his wife gives him a kitchen pass). Todd started playing the central Illinois circuit in 1984 with the Gemini Band covering top 40 and country music before relocating to North Carolina. He has performed with Charlotte area bands such as Checked Past, Bait & Switch, Deja’ Voo-Doo, The Remainders, No One U No, Beggars Union and has free-lanced with some of Charlotte’s finest musicians. He met Gary Northrup several years ago and liked the idea of a “Roadhouse Band” playing tunes not covered by other area bands. Todd and Gary found the perfect mix of musicians with the same ideas, same drive, excellent musicianship and is proud to bring Shuggie Brown’s Roadhouse style of Rockin’ Blues into the Charlotte Music scene.


~~"Monster" Michael Paradis - (Bass)   The Shuggie Brothers found Mike on the side of the road pulling ear plugs out of his pocket, (it took all morning convincing him that the strings were just tangled and the earplugs were not having sex).  Musically he has been everywhere, seen a lot and played a lot of styles.  When we asked him about his best gig, he smiled and told us the audience clapped so hard they almost broke their handcuffs!!!  Anyway, he has found a permanent home and gladly hang's his hat at the Shuggie Shack with "Shuggie Brown". Come see us or you will truly miss out on one of the most talented elite bass players in the Carolina's. This guy is a Monster!!!  As an added bonus, while traveling the world he learned the fine art of stand-up comedy.

~~"Funky" Phil Milhoan - (Keyboards & Vocals) Is actually a black man who has played with just too many white boy bands. While having a formal, classical piano training, (in other words, he knows the different kinds of 7th's and 9th's, natural, harmonic, melodic, blah, blah, blah), Phil was heavily influenced by Rock & Roll.  Upon hearing an early recording by the Hammond B3 master Jimmy Smith and songs from Booker T, Phil leaned toward a jazz orientation and basis in his approach to keyboards. Playing pop music in the 1970s and 80s expanded his reach into other keyboards and into original jazz-shuffle compositions.  "Shuggie Brown" gives Phil the outlet to express himself musically, while playing with a great bunch of guys who like to venture into the funky out of the way material that WILL make you move!"

The Shuggie Brothers